Rental Inventory


Rental available in US only

How does it work?
Each rental is 4-5 days.  Your dress will arrive approximately 2-3 days prior to your reserved date via priority mail which is included in the price of rental. Example of a typical rental: Day1 - Items arrive at your house. Day 2 - Style them and plan your perfect look. Day 3 - Photoshoot!! Day 4 - Package them up and return them.

Should I rent or buy?
Renting is always a great option for a quick photoshoot or a trip down an aisle for a wedding.  If you are looking for a one time use, without the high price tag, renting may be the right option for you. We do not recommend renting for birthday parties, receptions, or anything where there may be potential for damage.  We often have renters ask if they can buy a rental dress. Many of our rental dresses are hard to find and can no longer be replaced. Because of this reason we do not sell them. If you believe you may fall in love with the dress and want to keep it for sentimental purposes we recommend buying! 

How early should I reserve an item?
Because some of our dresses are in high demand and our inventory is limited, we recommend reserving as soon as possible! Reserving your item early ensures that you get your first choice! We can only guarantee the rentals reserved and paid for in advance. Some dresses are reserved months in advance. We are happy to accommodate last minute rentals and are sure that we can find you something amazing in our inventory! 

What happens if my event gets cancelled or I need to change dates?
We understand that things happen and we want to try to work with you the best we can! Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on rentals.  We will however be happy to give you a store credit for a future rental and we are also happy to change your date if need be. Simply email us at with any questions regarding date change/cancellation.

My items were wrinkled during shipping. What should I do?
Because of the delicate nature of the fabrics, items getting wrinkled during shipping is a completely normal thing!  We recommend removing the dress from the packaging immediately and hanging.  The dresses steam beautifully so if you have access to a steamer we recommend steaming them. Please be careful of the feathers as they can wilt and please do not iron the dresses.  If you do not have a steamer simply hanging the dress in the bathroom during a hot shower can also do the trick!

How do I return my rental item?
Simply package it up the first business day following your photos/event and mail it back to:

Kola Pop

N63W23565 Silver Spring Drive

STE 190

Sussex WI 53089

What if I don't return my items on time?
We understand that life gets busy. There are many times that our items are being rented back to back.  Because of this we ask that you take care to return them in a timely manner.  Items returned late will be subject to a $25 per day late fee.

What if damage or lose an item?
Please do not attempt to clean or repair the dresses before returning them.  We handle all of the cleaning and we have a great seamstress to handle small repairs. Should the item be damaged beyond repair or lost/not returned you will be charged up to 200% of the market value of the item.

For all other questions regarding our Rental Items please email us at


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