Self Confidence, Loving Yourself, & True Beauty

Self Confidence, Loving Yourself, & True Beauty

February 22, 2016

Self Confidence, Loving Yourself & True Beauty

In honor of the month of February and "Love Day", as my daughter calls it, I wanted to talk about loving yourself and give you a little bit more of a personal look into me and my life. Over the past few years I have seen my self confidence and love for myself blossom in ways I never could have thought possible. That wasn't always the case for me though, and I want to share my story in hopes that it may help others.

This journey to love myself has been a very personal one for me. As a child I grew up with a very low self esteem. I was often ostracized and made fun of because of my looks, and I spent many nights crying myself to sleep.  I couldn't understand why I wasn't loved by others and in turn it made me not love myself.  I have many regrets remembering the way I treated others as a young child because of the way I felt about myself.  

Around 7th grade it got so bad that my Mother started a "Self Esteem Bootcamp" (at least that's what I call it).  I still remember the awkwardness as she made me sit in front of the mirror. I would tell her the hurtful things that people said to me that day and the hurtful ways I was treated. After I was finished with my story she would make me look "that girl" in the eyes and list 5 reasons why I was amazing and worthy.  At first it was difficult because to be honest I didn't think I was amazing and worthy. She would ask me "What is your favorite feature?" and "What did you do today that you are proud of?" and "What is one of your best attributes?"  In the beginning there was much more prompting but the more we did it the easier it got and my self confidence began to grow.

The summer before 8th grade my parents came to me and told me we were moving out of state. At first I was devastated!  I quickly realized that this was my chance to START OVER!  Nobody knew me there. I could be anyone I wanted to be!  I took my new fragile self-confidence and began again at my new school.

With my growing self confidence I began to find things I loved (and was really good at). I found friends that enjoyed and loved me the same way I enjoyed and loved them, and I started feeling worthy again. Tears are streaming down my face as I write and remember this. The pain of what used to be, and the relief of knowing that I am no longer that person. 

If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would ever see myself as a successful business owner, having the confidence to stand behind my passions and fight for my dreams I would have said no way! But today my fears are gone and with each day I move forward my confidence continues to grow.

How does this story relate to beauty and kids fashion you ask?  I truly believe that loving yourself is the foundation to true beauty.  When I started this journey I knew my daughter would be the best dressed girl in school, but I didn't want her thinking that having the best clothing/accessories is what makes you beautiful or worthy. My message to her was simple.  It isn't your clothing or the way you look that makes you beautiful.  It is your smile, the way you treat other people, and the way you love yourself!  It is believing in your dreams, striving for your best, and learning all the ways you are amazing!

While I obviously love children's fashion (a lot!!), my advice to all parents is that the most important part of "True Beauty" begins with building the self-esteem of your child!  Help them learn to love themselves regardless of what the world thinks about them. If we can all focus on that kind of growth in our children, this will be an amazing world!!

Much Love,



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