Welcome to our brand new website!! We are so glad you are here!

July 15, 2015

Thank you for visiting our brand new site!!  It has been an intensive labor of love putting together the launch of Kola Pop.  One of the biggest struggles we have had, is that we didn't realize how far in advance these amazing collections have to be ordered!  This has kept us from being able to launch with as many vendors as we would like.  Even though this may seem like a little bit of a set back, we are not easily discouraged!!!!  We are extremely excited about the brands we have already brought on, and are continuing to bring in new amazing brands on a regular basis.  While we wish that we could speed up the process astronomically, we are not willing to sacrifice our high standards just for the sake of "having stock". Our customers only deserve the BEST!  The best look, the best quality, and the best style!  We are working diligently to get those perfect brands on board, so that we can introduce them to you.  For us, it just means that the collections will come in more slowly in the beginning. We hope to grow very quickly, however, and we promise that if you stick around for the ride you will LOVE what we have to show you. 


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